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Full Brand Design Package from £99.00*

Logo Design in Manchester from £39.00*

Logos are an extremely important aspect of business marketing. It is the company's major graphical representation. It anchors a company's brand and becomes the single most visible symbol of the company within the target market. A well-designed logo is an essential part of any company's overall marketing strategy.

At Salford Web Design • STUDIO59 • we take logo design very seriously indeed. We will work with you until you’re completely happy that your logo encapsulates all that you want to say about your business.

A well-designed logo suggests a degree of professionalism and competence that has been shown to steer potential new clients toward selecting a particular business rather than a competitor who has no logo or one that looks amateur or substandard.

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Flyer Design & Print • Manchester from £49.00

Flyers are those bits of A5 paper that usually end up in the bin, trampled in the street, or buried under a pile of other papers. But at Salford Web Design • STUDIO59 • Flyer Design in Manchester, Salford and the North West we believe that if a flyer has been well-designed it should catch the attention and maybe even get potential customers / clients to take action.

We use bright, bold color palettes to really give flyers punch and attract attention. We combine your brand identity with different font styles and sizes to give your flyer a distinct look and help it stand out. But we also know that a simple, elegant design can have impact all of its own.

If you want your flyer to really grab peoples’ attention, it’s a good idea to offer an incentive. It could be a coupon or a free gift (or both) to get your audience to engage with your brand.

For more information, call us NOW on 07427 104 334 or email us.

Logo Design

Exterior Signage


Menus & Brochures


Flyers & Posters

Brand Packaging Design

Take your brand to your packaging. Salford Web Design • STUDIO59 • will provide all necessary artwork to take your brand further.

Logo Design

Your Logo is your signature as well as your promise of excellent quality and great service. Make sure it’s imprinted on the minds of your customers.

Logo Design

Where your logo appears and how it’s presented says so much about you and your business. Salford Web Design • STUDIO59 • will advise on the various applications of your logo.

Brand Design

Take your logo right across your brand from packaging to clothing and stationery. Protect your brand identity bu registering it. We can provide you with all the advice you need.

Brand Design

Strong, simple, effective branding creates trust in your product and a loyalty for it. We can create full branding for your product range.

Logo Design

Your logo is often your first contact with prospective customers and clients. It should be strong - communicating your professionalism and expertise.

Vehicle Livery

Take your brand to your vehicle livery. Salford Web Design • STUDIO59 • will provide all necessary artwork to take your brand to the next level.

Business Cards & Stationery

The business card is alive and well and remains an effective way of networking and marketing. We can also brand your emails with an email signature.

Workwear Branding

Your workers should carry identification if they’re going to be visiting homes. increase customer confidence by branding workwear too. 

Logo Design

Salford Web Design • STUDIO59 • we create unique logos for your company or brand that can be used anywhere. We take into account where you’ll be using your logo to ensure ir remains effective wherever it’s used.

Logo Application

There are many applications of logo design. Let us know where you’ll be using it when we design it for you and we’ll look into the most cost effective means of production.

Fashion Logos

Some logos even become fashions and appear across a whole range of fashion wear. If you’re thinking of starting a fashion brand we can work with you to create a logo that’ll look great - everywhere.

Brochure & Catalogue Design & Print • Manchester

Graphic Design Manchester • Brochures, Catalogues & Flyers.

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